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Friday May 6, 2011 there will be a dueling event. Please read the post for furthur information.
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    Magic Dueling event May 6, 2011


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    Magic Dueling event May 6, 2011

    Post by Admin on Thu Apr 28, 2011 4:03 pm


    Please sign up for your dueling time, You can fight a friend in front of a crowd or simply insert your time and you will be paired with someone in that time bracket. In order to place a time please leave an two hour gap that you are willing to play at any time. Only one duel at a time.

    Each judge will have a copy of the offical ruling for magic you must apply to these rulings unless you and your duel partner agree on other terms.

    PLEASE NOTE: This friday is just dueling for practice and sport.

    Players may wager cards if both parties agree. Winner will keep his card and take the lossing parties card.


    There is a two dollar fee or if you rather a card of any form.

    Food and drinks:
    You may bring your own food and drink to the event. Although there will be drinks and food on the premises for a minimum price. Players that are in duel may have free water.

    Other events during:
    There will be a 50 cent rafle for a rare card You may enter mulitable times. Drawing will be at 8:00 There will be cards for sale and other yu-gi-oh and magic based products

    Location: Kendallville

    Any questions just post.

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